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About Us

We have been living with golden retrievers since 2003.

We are not professional breeders or trainers - this is just our hobby, to which we devote our time, efforts, and are happy. We participate in dog shows, but this is only a small part of our lives. We try different activities with our dogs to give our pets a fulfilling life.
When breeding, we are trying to keep everything the best of the breed - first of all, the excellent character, health and exterior of the breed.

All puppies born in our kennel come to their new homes with LKD (FCI) pedigree documents, dewormed, vaccinated according to their age, no earlier than 2 months of age.

We hope that all our puppies - cheerful, loyal and a little mischievous - live happily, making their owners happy.


Oli (7 mėn.) ir šuniukai
Broliai Berenie bravo, 3 men.
Viviene Berenike
Tigi - Berenike bravo Nugget
Charlis ir Gaza
Oli - Berenie bravo October Holiday

LKD kennel

Vet. approval number LT 77-41-072


+370 616 70074

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